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Google pixel 4 cereal box and milk carton packaging for phone launch

Google Pixel 4 Phone Launch

Bespoke packaging in the guise of a cereal box and milk carton.  

Google wanted to create something special for a select audience to celebrate the launch of their 'Pixel 4' phone.  Their brief was very specific, and something which had never been done before, so Creative X got to work on research and development to help them realise their ambition.  The boxes and cartons were created from scratch using the same material and make-up that would be used for a standard cereal box and milk carton.  The clever branding was produced via a colab with Google's design agency to look and feel like a genuine cereal box and milk carton.  Creative X sourced a manufacture to help create packs of edible cereal in the Google colours which we packed inside the bespoke packaging, together with the phone and accessories.  If you 'Google' the Pixel 4 launch you will see loads of video's of the grand opening of these boxes, and you can even find them selling for a fortune on e-bay!  All in all, a very successful campaign!  

A great example of concept to creation bespoke packaging, fulfilment and distribution, all by Creative X.

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